The Bible says in Psalm 33:3, "Sing unto Him a new song; play skilfully with a loud noise." Here at Victory Tabernacle we try to implement this Bible verse. We love to worship our creator with music and song. He truly is the reason why we sing. As we are a newly established church, our music is limited to piano, drums, praise singers and special songs. However, we play with the annointing of the Holy Ghost, and create an atmosphere of worship that God can touch lives in.

How Did You Feel
           G    C/G          Gm                           G                                                       
How did you feel when you came out of the wilderness
D7                                               G                                          
Came out of the wilderness, came out of the wilderness
      C/D            G    C/G     Gm    C/G                  
Tell me how did you feel when you
B7                        B7/D#               Em7
Came out of the          wilderness
G/D       Em     A9   D9     G
Walk-----ing with the Lord.
2.  I felt like shouting...
3.  I felt like dancing...
4.  I felt like running...
  January 2021  
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